Dan Cutchen
Dan Cutchen
Composer, arranger, performer, teacher


Dan Cutchen

Dan Cutchen is a professional composer, arranger, performing artist and teacher.  He received his B.A. in music theory and composition from Asbury University and his M.M. in music theory and composition from the University of Miami (FL).

Dan has been in music all his life.  He has produced or co-produced over 80 full-scale and demo music projects for both secular and sacred musicians.  His experience as a composer and arranger is varied and extensive.  He has written for concert band, wind ensemble, string quartet, choir, jazz band, brass choir, studio charts and other small and large scale music productions.

He has produced 9 personal music projects, one music/comedy video, one songbook and three books dealing with creative communication.  His latest project, "Lord of Breakthroughs" was released in 2016.

After serving as a minister of music and worship pastor for many years, Dan began, in 1993, traveling and performing all over the country.  In addition to performing his original songs in concert, Dan also performs 2 original one-man musical theater projects: "The Vision" and "II Chronicles."

Dan started teaching music theory and composition at Dallas Baptist University in 2003.

Dan has been married to Joy since 1979 and she has been his major inspiration to this very day!  His two sons are both composers and arrangers and they have married two wonderful ladies who give us such delight.